About DeathByTape.com

DeathByTape.com is a blog run by Dennis J. McWherter, Jr. In summary, I’m a software engineer (note: that’s just a fancy word for “programmer” we use to make ourselves feel better) working for a pretty large company right now in a very small town far away from the glorious silicon valley.

I typically build buzz-word related technologies including “big-data processing” and “real-time analytics” systems. This keeps me pretty busy during the day but by night I tend to work on smaller iOS projects and try to use Haskell as much as I can.

In a previous life I worked on low-level embedded systems at a pretty cool lab.

If you want to get to know me better, read my posts and leave some comments. If you’re not that kind of person and you find yourself in the midwest (read: you’re probably lost), then just invite me out for a beer.